Artwork for 2 Albums

Year: 1999-2003

Concept, Photos, Art Direction, Design

A Luna Red (stylised to aLUnARED for reasons I’ve forgotten at this point) was what one could loosely describe as an experimental industrial synth-punk band that I was a main instigator in, starting sometime in 1999 and fizzling out in 2003. During that time the band released two albums and one single: The Death Birds (2000, Global Symphonic), SLMZK (Action Driver, 2002) and the ELCTRK single (2003, Gold Standard Labs). I handled all of the artwork and photography for these, opting to render the band’s sonic terror into heavily posterized collages using monochrome images in black and usually one either primary colour, such as red or yellow. At this time the style of the artwork of these albums reflected my general graphic design style at the time: busy, frantic, fractured and very punk-influenced. As with a lot of artwork from this time, the original files are lost in a number of unfortunate archiving errors so photos of the actual physical products are used instead — something you definitely learn to get a handle on as you gain experience!