Gothic Pogo Party

XIV.5 Livestream

Year: 2020

Concept, Script, Acting, Filming, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Music Composition, Video Editing

Gothic Pogo is one of the most unique events in the musical underground in Europe. Happening every year around the Whitsun holiday, fans of goth, post-punk, synth and wave music come from all over the world for this festival, often the highlight of the year for them. With the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 the whole 15th anniversary festival was postponed until 2021. However the organizers opted to put together a one-off livestream event, bringing together artists and DJs from around the world to the screens of festival fans. Having known some of the video work that I’ve done in the past, the festival organizers thought I was a good candidate to put together a whole series of idents, informercials and introductions to insert into their livestream, bringing back some infamous characters from previous Soft Riot videos such as “Derek Laser” and “Klaxxa Battleburn” into the music. The result is some very technicolour, cable-access style entertainment that was a total joy to create and make.