Soft Riot

Website Development & Design

Year: 2019-Present

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Optimisation

The official website for my musical project Soft Riot has been around in various formats for over a decade. I’ve always been one that wants my own format and my own place for news and information, rather than increasing reliance on social media to provide this type of platform. When I’m working on trying out new things for website development and design, I always tend to use this site as a “sandbox” to try out new features and coding improvements that I then in turn to apply to other client sites that I’m working on. The key mission with this site is the ability to add and update content conveniently and without much hassle, especially as there’s a lot of content on the site and is displayed in many different formats and categories. Built using a highly customized WordPress-based CMS, it’s a site that will likely continue to expand and improve in the days to come.