The Gentry

Album Cover Designs

Year: 2000-2022

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Artworking, Collage, Pre-Press

With some clients I have a long gap between jobs, and working with The Gentry — a new wave rock bank based in Portland, Oregon — was by far the longest gap, in this case around fifteen years! Back in the mid-2000s, while still living in Vancouver and before JJD Works existed in the UK, I had done artwork for two releases of theirs: Sweet Gossip TV and The Latent Stranger. I guess the artwork had left an impression on them enough to re-surface in 2020 and contact me about reworking artwork from The Latent Stranger into a new digital release. On the back of the success of that project, I then proceeded to work with them in creating the vinyl LP packaging for their And Now album released in 2021 and then again in 2022, creating a series of covers for digital singles on their retrospective Hillsboro album, using old polaroids supplied by the band and dusting off the old Dymo type machine to create a “scrapbook” vibe for those singles.