Waveteef Festival

Club Visuals

Year: 2024

Video Sourcing, Video Effects & Manipulation, Animation, Rendering

With video work mainly being done for music videos for artists as well as informational videos, this was the first project solely relying on club visuals, commissioned by the popular underground festival Waveteef. Now in their tenth year, this festival takes place in Antwerp and focusses on underground live acts, DJs and generally music in the minimal wave, new wave, post-punk and electronic genres. Paying close attention to the colours, graphics and styles established in their festival graphics, promotional materials and apparel for their 2024 edition, the goal was to create a long enough series of graphics using their established colours and style (mainly relying on retro vector graphics) to create a set of visuals that complimented the festival atmosphere, without being too bright or distracting. The approach to assembling the visuals used digital tools but with an old school approach, sourcing out video clips from the deepest internet archives, as well as an accumulated library at my disposal — a complex layering of clips that were distorted, tinted and colourised for an authentic Waveteef experience!