Ache Records

Hot Hot Heat / The Red Light Sting split 12" LP

Year: 2000

Artworking, Design, Pre-Press

Sometimes you forget that you contributed a hand in a monumental, landmark release. Going back way into the archives I decided to render what remaining files I had for this release to present in the archives. The Hot Hot Heat / The Red Light Sting split LP was released in Y2K on Vancouver’s Ache Records and put Canadian new wave/synth punk on the map. Hot Hot Heat only a few years later rocketed to naughties fame with a run of albums they released on the famous SubPop label and later major labels Sire and Warner Brothers. At the time it was all the product of a local scene, and I was one of the few graphic designers with the tools to put it all together. This design was produced within my first couple of years designing for proper releases and I’m still proud of it to this day.