Moving away from a “portfolio” of more relevant work, this section delves further into the graphic design archives spanning a career of 20 years, showcasing pieces that show the progress of JJD Works from it’s early days up to the type of work being produced today. A bit of history. A bit of fun. Enjoy!


Print & Web Design

Year: 2005-2008

Thrive Records

Album Artwork

Year: 2005-2008

The Gentry

"The Latent Stranger" EP

Year: 2005

Lightspeed Productions

Graphic Design

Year: 2005-2007

Ache Records

Death From Above "Dead Womb" EP

Year: 2002

Sidewinder Records

Stephen Pearcy "Stripped" CD

Year: 2006


Club Promo

Year: 2006-2007

Lumberjack Distribution

Print Design

Year: 2002-2003

Sugarlab Inc.


Year: 2003-2006

At Large Productions

Poster Design

Year: 2002-2003

Action Driver Records

Flash Website

Year: 2002