Jack Duckworth (JJD)

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Background & Overview

I’ve been doing various types of visual art since the mid-1990s, starting off with doing posters and record covers for bands in my “hometowns” of Courtenay followed by Vancouver, Canada. I always peg where I officially started doing this type of work as a “career” was with my work in the short-lived Seven Segment co-operative. Started in 1999 and going for only a year, it was a loose group of punks and independent music promoters that did all-ages shows in Vancouver. I did the graphic design work for the posters and promotion. When this ended I started my own little home studio as The Wax Museum which ran from around the turn of the millenium right until I moved to the UK in 2007.

After working for a number of print companies and design houses in central London for a number of years, I re-surfaced again in the early 2010s under the name JJD Works, which I still work as the art director, web developer, graphic designer and sole owner to this day. Although my work nowadays is less music-oriented as it used to be, I still do a lot of work for my own projects Soft Riot and Possession Records, as well select record cover design and poster/flyer design for promoters, record labels and bands.

Over the last five years I’ve been doing more and more video production — some of which you can find in this website, as well as with my partnership with Glasgow-based video artist Georgina Penstkart, both of us working under the name Flustervision. You can find a portfolio of that video work here.

For an alternate portfolio focusing more on graphic design and web development for companies, organisations, small businesses and charities, visit

Folks I've Done Work For

Possession Records (UK), She Past Away (EU), Marta Raya (DE), Endlose Emotion (DE), Deus Faust (EU), Gothic Pogo Party (DE), Dasz Musical Instruments (CA), Open Studios Productions (CA), Futurismo Inc. (UK), Ache Records (Hot Hot Heat, Death From Above 1979 – CA), Nikolas Shreck (DE), Finite Bees Artist Management (DE), Global Symphonic Records (Frog Eyes, Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, The Organ – CA), Intimate Productions (CA), Immortal/Sidewinder Records (Warped Tour, Great White, Warrant – US), Lumberjack Distribution/Mordam Records (US), Music BC (CA), Postfact Records (US), Snipe Magazine (UK)

Music Projects

Soft Riot (2011-Present)
Savage Furs (2009-2011)
Primes (2003-2009)
Winning (2005-2007)
A Luna Red (1999-2003)
Radio Berlin (1998-2005)
The Measure (1997-1998)
Slough Of Despond (1997)
Anthony Monday (1996-1997)
Forgotten (1993-1996)

More About This Site

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