Sugarlab Inc.


Year: 2003-2006

Graphic Design, Layout, Motion Graphics

Sugarlab Inc were an interesting start-up riding on the wave of the original .com boom. Setting up new headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the founders looked to do something more interesting with their talents, in this case in the form of doing comic books which had a focus on female superhero characters and featured more abstract, dream-like plotlines. This comic was called Überbabe. Over the course of several years a number of projects were completed, including layout of the initial series of the comic, branding guidelines, various promo and then the most challenging project, putting the stills from the comic into animation with a voice-over and soundtrack. For the time-period this was somewhat early for web-based animation, with Flash only coming out at the turn of the millennium and the animation projects took a “learn as you go” feel. Not much remains in the archives of  Überbabe and the below samples were some of the few items that were taken from what remains.