89s† + Petra Flurr

“Trübe Stadt” LP

Year: 2021

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typesetting, Image Manipulation, Pre-Press

As one learns with experience over the years, deadlines in the music industry can be extremely tight, sometimes with very intimidating turnaround times, and such was the case with with the Berlin-based darkwave/EBM duo of 89s† + Petra Flurr. Having a looming deadline to deliver their album artwork to their record label, and having previous hired designers falling through at the last minute, the duo contacted me (being friends) and asked about myself creating artwork for their album within the space of 4-5 days. Knowing full well the detail and time needed to get a finished artwork within such a short space of time, I put myself up to the challenge. Working with supplied, conceptual images of the duo (including being photographed behind plastic sheeting), a lot of the focus of this design was put into the avant-garde custom typesetting, which worked well in creating the imagery that went along with the music. Safe to say the whole album artwork was delivered on time!