Soft Riot

"When Push Comes To Shove" Album & Promo Artwork

Year: 2019-2020

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Artworking, Logo Design, Collage, Pre-Press, Social Media

Possession Records, a Glasgow-based independent record label, put out a flurry of releases by synth-pop artist Soft Riot starting in the autumn of 2019 until spring 2020, which included two full length albums as well as a digital single. The idea was to begin with a fresh brand new slate for the graphic design, in terms of branding and visual presentation for these recordings of this artist, starting with a new logo, typography and general graphic concept. Starting with organising and shooting the source photography for these releases, meticulous care was taking building out all of the graphic design and packaging for these releases with an overall unifying look and feel. The work expanded into deliverables for various online media campaigns, as well as other merchandise including posters, stickers, fridge magnets, t-shirts and more.