Split Zine with Section 5

Year: 2010

Art Direction, Writing, Collage, Layout, Print Production

Back in my teenage years involved in the punk and hardcore scene, somewhat as important as the music itself was the printed zine, which had a lot of importance in sharing ideas, politics, music and reviews just before the internet started picking up some of those duties. I had written a number of zines during this time but then that activity sort of subsided as my time was more involved with music, bands and graphic design. Upon moving to the UK in the late noughties, an opportunity came up to put that old pastime back into action in the format of a split zine with friend, poet and illustrator Robert Monk. The content was split down the middle with each of us contributing our own content, coming out to a total of 72 pages. I created a lot of surreal collages and had collected and edited some written pieces I composed in my first years in London, then laying out and initiating the print production of this limited edition zine. The hard copies are long gone but you can view the zine in full on Issuu here.