Soft Riot

"Chin Up" Album & Promo Artwork

Year: 2020

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Artworking, Logo Design, Collage, Pre-Press, Social Media

Following the release of Glasgow-based musician Soft Riot‘s 2019 album When Push Comes To Shove, the same stylistic features of artwork established on that release were applied and expanded on for the 2020 release of Chin Up. This album was a companion of sorts to the latter, although focusing on more ambient sounds. Released at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring of 2020, the project not only included the package design for the digipak CD and cassettes, but for various social media campaigns as well. Another fun yet challenging extension of this project was to create collage-style artwork as “single covers” for each of the album’s 11 tracks within the course of 2 weeks, amounting to one full collage almost every day during that period.