Soft Riot

"For Your Entertainment" Video

Year: 2015

Concept, Script, Acting, Filming, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Music Composition, Video Editing

For creative projects, more often than not I’ll visualise what the concept is in my head, including the aesthetic, flow and general feel even before touching any tools to start creating it. Such was the case with this video for the track “For Your Entertainment” I released as Soft Riot on the 2015 album You Never Know What Might Come Next. It was pretty daunting as the idea required a lot of complex visual effects and compositing using programs like After Effects and Premiere. So I set to work on it, learning a lot of new techniques along the way. The result is a very visually intensive parody on modern news, media — laced with a lot of black humour and satire. Along with re-enacting a live performance in the video, I also jumped into bringing all the characters to life: news reporters such as Derek Laser and Klaxxa Battleburn, as well as covering myself in fake blood. Creativity can be fun.