Soft Riot

"Linked Between Two Minds" Video

Year: 2023

Concept, Filming, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Music Composition, Video Editing

“Linked Between Two Minds” is the first track off the 2023 Soft Riot album No., as well as the main track from the related extended single. Of all of the video productions done so far — either done solo as part of the partnership Flustervision with Glasgow-based video artist Georgina Penstkart — this particular video was the most meticulous to plan, storyboard, shoot, animate and edit in what is likely my own history of video production work. As a number of other local artists, musicians and friends were brought in to allow themselves to be filmed in the video, the concept initially needed to be scripted out and following that, representative visual storyboards produced so that those involved could get a good idea of how their actions in the videos would be applied to the final animation and edit. From there the performances were married into a complex animation and edit, combining live footage, found source footage, treated images and a strategy of how the various elements in the video would interact with one another as well as transitioning from one scene to the next. The result was a satisfying filmic representation of not only how the original images for the video came to mind, but also a working example of how collage techniques developed over years of doing music/art-related promotional materials and packaging could be translated into a short visual film set to music.